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Rock Miracle Worker! Jay is a Totally Rockin' Teacher!


He's so fun to work with and his encyclopedic knowledge of guitar theory (and rock n' roll in general) will help you to achieve the impossible...

Letters from Students: Tasha

By Far, Jay Is the Best Teacher I've Ever Had


His knowledge and skill is as infinite as his patience with beginners, if he can teach me, he can teach any man, woman or adolescent, and he definitely makes it fun....

Letters from Students: Caroline

Seriously Awesome Teacher!

I took lessons from Jay for about 11 months (only stopped because career moved me to Boston) and learned more than I thought possible given my age / complete lack of dexterity...

Letters from Students: Mike

Best Guitar Teacher in the Bay!


I was relieved to finally find somebody who had the skills and the patience to teach me to rock without making me feel like some silly girl trying to pick out Stairway to Heaven.

Letters from Students: Jenner

Anyone Willing to Put the Time into Guitar Needs to Talk to Jay!


Jay combines the right amount of music theory with the right amount of how to just ROCK OUT.

Letters from Students: Dimitri

Jay is an AMAZING Guitar Teacher!


I've studied guitar for years, and in six months Jay got me to places I couldn't get to in sixteen years!!!

Letters from Students: Joe



You'll continually shock yourself at new things you'll be able to do that seemed (and were) impossible a few short weeks before, because of the way Jay progresses you through the lesson...

Letters from Students: Alan

The Best


I have taken guitar on two other occasions in my life, and Jay is by far the only teacher who has helped me progress, and who has kept me motivated enough to continue...

Letters from Students: Shauna  

About this Site

This site is much more than an ad for my guitar lessons

  • This site features 200+ pages of my articles on guitar lessons, music theory, equipment, and guitar technique.
  • Its 100% free, draws between 8,000 and 12,000 unique visitors a month, and features over 100 accurate chord and scale charts.

If you are an intermediate or advanced player interested in taking guitar lessons, you may want to browse through the Fretboard Diagram and Theory sections. All the topics, scales, chords, and arpeggios (plus many, many more) are ones that I actually teach students depending on their styles, tastes, and ability level.I have also added a new Frequently Asked Questions Section (FAQ). Please note, I am happy to answer any questions you may have about guitar lessons by phone, text, or e-mail.

Give me a call.

My number is (415)845-5471. I am an experienced musician, teacher and performer with lots of patience and a strong memory of not being able to tune my guitar, let alone communicate with it.

Years later I can play and express things on the instrument I couldn't even conceive of when I first started. When I first learned how to practice and approach the instrument properly I made more progress in three months than I had in the first three YEARS of playing. Oh, I had tried lessons but at best they just showed me what to learn, not HOW TO LEARN IT, or how to approach the instrument.

"HOW do i change the chords?," I'd ask. Not one of them could ever give me any answer except "practice." Sound familiar?

I learned a better way, largely from almost famous rockers and professional New York Jazz musicians. I quickly learned that Rock, Folk, Metal, and Blues require a much different perspective from Jazz and Classical Guitar . So I spent years adapting their methods to popular music styles, both for my own playing and writing (I play lead guitar and sing in my own original music rock band) and for my students. I made it step by step, integrated, and less intimidating.

My goal has always been to teach my students (and myself) how to express themselves on the guitar, find their own voice, and, quite simply, play the hell out of the damned thing. And I've been doing just that full time since 2003.

Don't wait any longer. Give me a call. Even if you don't have a guitar yet, I can help you choose one and probably get you a discount as well.

YOU CAN PLAY GUITAR if you want to.

It takes much less time than you think if you start out right.

Gift certificates and student discounts available.

Females and Males, Young and Old, Rock Stars and Absolute Beginners All Welcome!


Call, Text, or Email Me!

Educate Yourself about Guitar Lessons!

There are a few essential things you need to know about guitar lessons, many of which conflict with "popular wisdom".

 Guitar Lessons: The Two Ways to Play Guitar: Blues vs. Classical Guitar Technique

The Two Ways to Play Guitar.

Long story short, or rather a short story even shorter: Not all guitars are the same. If students, teachers, or methods fail to recognize this the result can be hand injury.

A Must Read!

It has nothing to do with acoustic vs. electric, but while we're on that subject:

Start On Acoustic or Electric?

The Reasons People Can't Learn Guitar

There are a lot of "reasons" people cite as to why they can't learn guitar, but I can divide them into two categories:

  • LIES!


No Musical Talent?

When a guitar teacher (or any other music teacher) can't teach a student, they say he or she has no talent.  As if its written in stars. "Talent" really only applies to singers, as someones vocal sound may well match the tastes of a given era.
  • This doesn't apply to guitar. Its a tool. Some people are natural athletes. The reason is simple Darwinism. There is a survival advantage in running faster or jumping higher or having sharper eyesight.
  • There is no survival advantage in playing guitar, therefore no inborn talent.
  •  At no point in prehistoric times did any caveman remark "He can make the G chord, he shall be our king."
  • Talent means you are good at something. Being good at anything means you learned it the correct way.

Too Old?

You are not too old to learn guitar. I have had students begin guitar lessons in their 70's who, to be frank, now OWN  all your friends who play guitar.
  • Little kids have a huge disadvantage in that they don't know what the music is supposed to sound like. Until they start listening to guitar music on their own they really shouldn't be taking guitar lessons (I would suggest singing or drum lessons instead).
  • Older students have listened to more music and have done more living.
  • If they start out with correct technique and a solid musical framework, students of any age can play well, as long as they know and love the music they want to play,

Too Female?

Women still ask me about this, although, I really hope that this complete and utter fiction spread by insecure male guitar players doesn't survive much longer.

Women have ALL the advantages on the guitar:

  •  Better fine motor muscle coordination
  •  Better study habits
  •  A vocal range better matching the pitch ranges guitar leads are usually played at.
The only disadvantage they have is people telling them they can't (which only  is a disadvantage if they believe it).
  •  Don't believe it because its sexist nonsense.

Not Enough Practice Time?

Obviously if you have more time to practice outside of your guitar lessons, and you practice correctly, you can make more rapid progress. But as a guitar teacher the only time I have any control over is class time.

If you show up for an hour a week, you will get better.

I really have no idea the exact amount of time students practice.

  •  I do know that without fail for 12 years, consistent attendance at lessons has equaled success.
I treat all my guitar students as adults. My job is not to yell at you for not  practicing (unless you specifically ask me too).

My job is to make you the best guitar player  possible given your priorities and the time constraints of your life.

Tone Deaf?

  • You are not tone deaf. If you were it would be obvious. You would talk without vocal inflections. Completely monotone. Like a 50's Sci Fi robot.
  • Musical pitch recognition on guitar or in general takes some time, but you will pick it up.

Hands Too Small?

  • I've taught guitar to many student with tiny hands, and there is no difference in the rate of progress between them and anyone with bigger hands.
  •  Inability to reach notes in a guitar chord or guitar scale pattern is a result of improper left hand positioning. I will show you exactly how to do it.

No Rhythm / Weak Rhythm?

  • This is a common problem. But isn't this in part what you are paying to learn?
  •  It can be taught, and you don't need a metronome,

Left Handed?

  • There is no disadvantage to being left handed.
 I do however suggest beginners learn on a "right-handed guitar".
 Lets be honest here. When first starting out both hands are pretty  much equally inept at doing anything on the guitar. 
But a big part of the fun of playing guitar is being able to sit in and play in spur of the moment jam sessions. There is always an extra guitar around, there is never a left-handed one.

I highly encourage you to check out some of my reviews, just click on any Letters from Students links on the sides of each page. If you are viewing the site on a mobile phone they will be at the bottom of each page. A more complete list is here: Reviews and Letters from my Guitar Students.

About Me

For those of you not familiar with my music, here's the obligatory press quotes:

About me:

"Jay Skyler is the white Jimi Hendrix."
(Metalhead Radio, Anaheim)

On My Music:

"Grit, growl and a little bit of glam.
Everything Rock 'n' Roll ought to be."

(Rock This Magazine, Seattle)

On My Guitar Style:

"Brilliantly twisted sound blasting through the air at light speed."
(Twisted Hillbilly Magazine, Tennessee)

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