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This section features many of the scales and chords I cover with my guitar students here in San Francisco, and that I personally use in my own music. While originally intended solely for those taking guitar lessons with me, the lack of clear, easy to understand, accurate guitar chord and scale charts on the web led me to make this section available to everyone, free of charge, no membership required, and with no ads to annoy you and eat up your mobile data plan.

This section is conceived as a reference library of mini guitar lessons, not as a how to play guitar manual, but if you are a rock, metal, or blues player learning on your own I suggest this sequence of study for scales: Blues, Pentatonic Major, Natural Minor, Dorian Minor, Spanish Minor, Major Blues, Harmonic Minor.

If you are confused by any of the symbols or terminology, please go to the Guitar Theory and Technique Lessons Section, where everything is explained. Remember, buttons with a down arrow can be clicked to reveal tips and help links.

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