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Major Blues Scale Guitar Fretboard Patterns- Chart, Key of C

Major Blues Scale Guitar Fretboard Patterns- Chart, Key of C


C Major Blues Scale

C Major Blues Scale Notes: C D Eb E G A Major Blues Scale Scale Degrees:1 2 3 3 5 6 Major Blues Scale Alternative Names: No Other Common Names

The Guitar Fretboard Diagrams show all 5 CAGED system forms of the Major Blues Scale on the guitar neck in the key of C.

This is an essential scale that every guitar player should eventually know.

Unlike the Major or Minor scale, which have functional (meaning they sound good at least sometimes) modes built on every note in the scale, the Blues Scale only has one functional mode, the Major Blues scale mentioned above. The Major Blues scale is built on the flatted third scale degree ( 3 ). The Minor Blues Scale, not the Major Blues, is "Standard" The Minor Blues scale is the far more commonly used scale of the two, so as in the norm in music, it gets shortened to "The Blues Scale." Its just like with chords. If I asked you to play a G chord you would (I hope) play a G Major chord. Since the most common type of chord is major we can shorten the name of G Major chord to just G chord. So when we say "the Blues Scale" we are just using a shortened name for the Minor Blues Scale. If we want to refer to the Major Blues scale we must say "Major Blues Scale".

The Major Blues Scale is usually a safe choice against both Dominant and Major progressions. See:

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