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 Major Chord (Triad) Guitar Arpeggio Chart (Scale Based Patterns)
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Major Chord Arpeggio

Chart of all five CAGED forms of the Major chord Arpeggio. Since there are only 3 notes in a plain vanilla Major chord, they can also be called Major Triads.

These forms are subsets of the Major scale built on the same root.

Scale Based Guitar Arpeggio
Patterns in this Chart:

  • A Major Chord Arpeggio (A)
  • C Major Chord Arpeggio (C)
  • D Major Chord Arpeggio (D)
  • E Major Chord Arpeggio (E)
  • G Major Chord Arpeggio (G)
  • [Key to Symbols]


Major Scale Guitar Fretboard Patterns

Pentatonic Major Scale Guitar Fretboard Patterns

Scale Based Arpeggios:

These have the same notes as the chords they are derived from; but are played like a scale. The notes are laid out in the numerical or alphabetical sequence of the notes that make them up (e.g. R, 3, 5, 7, or A, C#, E, G# etc.) rather than in the voicings of the various chord grips like the chord based arpeggios.

They may start on any scale degree depending on which hand position you are in.

The whole neck can be covered in 5 forms just like the scales.

What the heck is an Arpeggio?

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